Selling and Marketing Property in Oklahoma & Kansas


It’s not what we do, it’s who we are.
We are land owners, ranchers and biologists.

Cross Timbers Land LLC provides farm & ranch real estate services unparalleled in the region since 1998. We are composed of experienced, successful and dedicated real estate professionals with backgrounds in production agriculture and wildlife management. We understand that buying or selling a ranch can be an overwhelming task. Let our knowledgeable and qualified brokers guide you through the process.

We represent our clients as single party brokers and do our best to understand the property we are marketing and its best use.  We don’t just suggest that a prospect just drive down the road by the property as done by some firms.  We will be there with maps and other information to emphasis the positive points and suggest how the property can even be further enhanced, with our client’s best interest in mind.

Digital Marketing

At a considerable cost of money and time we place our listings on some of these websites.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and You Tube are utilized with great success. If we put your listing on our website we make sure it can be found in search engines with search engine optimization techniques and various online/social media marketing. We’ll send out an email campaign to over 15,000 people, post it to Facebook and Linked In. We market to people in different parts of Oklahoma and other potential buyers out of state.

Please click the links below for samples of what we can do with your listing.

In addition, we also pay for ads on Google and Facebook to get even more exposure on our property listings.

Print Advertising

The Western Livestock Journal covers a large part of the United States from the Rockies to the West Coast, has brought both Buyers and listing opportunities.

The High Plains Journal is very effective from Oklahoma into the high plains states.

The Livestock Weekly, based in San Angelo, Texas, is especially read by those close to the livestock industry.


The age of the drone has enhanced our marketing efforts by providing high quality photography of both the land features and home interiors.


Ford Drummond
Lee Holcombe and Jeff Henry are both experienced ranchers who will match buyers with the right property, and give them “real world” advice on ranch management and operations. I highly recommend their services.

Tamara Daniels
It’s a honor to know Lee, during a time when everything seems to be negotiable, Lee is a rare gem. I don’t know a ranch land broker more credible, more honest or knowledgeable!

Robert Avery
We have purchased three ranches through Cross Timbers and have been completely satisfied with all phases of our dealings. Lee and Jeff are knowledgeable, helpful and honest. They truly look out for the best interests of their clients. They have earned our trust and we can give them the highest of recommendations.

Blayr Gourley
Work with you to find the best place for you. They are very professional and really know what they’re doing in the property business!